SMART LIFE. | Technology solutions that make your life easier in lockdown
 Technology solutions that make your life easier in lockdown

Technology solutions that make your life easier in lockdown

Technology solutions that make your life easier in lockdown

The whole world is grappling with Coronavirus right now and only limited services are available to people due to global lockdowns. While you can use the internet at home and probably work if your organization or nature of the job allows, a large number of people who do not have that option are left to binge-watch their favorite shows and browsing the internet for the whole day. Since we are living in the age of the internet, there are still some services that can thrive even in this time when we are facing the threat of Covid-19 and bound to stay at home.

Online Shopping Website: Since the brick and mortar stores are closed for avoiding the congregation of people, online shopping continues to provide service. Since most of the governments are exempting the supply of essentials, you can also order groceries online and get it delivered at your home. No wonder that websites and apps providing essentials to the customers are making exceptional profits right now.

OTT Platforms: Over The Top aka online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many others are also getting more attention since millions of people are forced to stay home and watching a show on the favorite OTT platform happens to be a great pastime. However, since they cannot shoot any new shows, the viewers have no choice but to stick to the available ones right now.

Online Education Platforms: For the past few years, the trend of using online education platforms was anyways in vogue, but the outbreak of Covid-19 has made the usage of these platforms for millions of students right now. Since the schools and colleges have shut down, the students have no choice but to continue their lessons on these platforms. 

  Work-From-Home Platforms: Since many companies are bound to provide this option right now, the apps that facilitate this practice are getting very popular right now. Most of these platforms come with various features such as cloud storage, chat console, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other tools that are helpful in carrying out the day to day tasks in your office.

Gaming Websites and Apps: Online gaming does not need a situation like a lockdown to be more popular than it already is, but the situation is still causing many individuals to turn to their phones and computers to play their favorite games online. For those who are passionate about playing online games, this is a sort of vacation that they are thoroughly enjoying. 

Online Payment System: We were already into it but the closing of all the offices has forced the faction that still believed in making payments with the help of an executive before them. People are also avoiding a visit to the nearest ATM for the fear of questioning by the local authorities and therefore, using the online payment system has become the only option left. 

These technology solutions are making the lives of people easier who are bound to stay in their homes. And even after the battle with Corona is over, there is a possibility that a large number of people would continue to use these solutions. There are many companies that have the work-from-home model more cost-efficient and employees are also enjoying the comfort of home while working. The number of people using online payment, gaming, and entertainment platforms is increasing and this trend is most likely to continue even after we get over the threat of Corona.

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