SMART LIFE. | Want to get a perfect Warehouse Management System for your business? Get it from Smartlife
 Want to get a perfect Warehouse Management System for your business? Get it from Smartlife

Want to get a perfect Warehouse Management System for your business? Get it from Smartlife

Want to get a perfect Warehouse Management System for your business? Get it from Smartlife

A warehouse management system helps in organizing, controlling, directing, and planning the distribution and management of the goods. It is a software application that comes with certain features that make all the tasks easier to carry out. It also helps the support staff by providing precise information about the status quo of the material you have inside your warehouses. With their help, the frequent moving and tracking of goods also get easier than you can think. And it is not only not for typical warehouses, businesses that deal with the movement of goods on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can also get benefitted from this program.

How does Warehouse Management System help?

This particular software comes with many solutions that make this whole task easier to handle. It can be configured with various hardware tools such as CCTV, GPS tracker and various devices that you deploy for managing your inventory. The program also gets scalable as per your needs and can tackle a great volume of goods without any hassles. While doing that, you also need to keep track of labels, packages according to their weight, manufacturing date, and SKUs. You can manage a vast category of goods with the help of multiple functions, they allow you to do the following:

Planning- It is a considerably tricky task that involves making the gameplan on a daily basis. This plan of action includes processing orders, managing the roster of the staff, selecting the workload, and various other activities. The management of labor is a pivotal activity and the progress of work depends largely on it. Therefore, you need a robust system that lets you carry out each task carefully without any chances of risks. With this software, it is easy for the manager of the warehouse to strategize the activities for the whole day.

Organizing- It is more than planning activities and majorly focuses on organizing the orders for picking up the material for delivery. Especially when you are working on a dock, this task becomes crucial and you need to take maximum precautions so nothing could go wrong. The flawless transportation and delivery of the goods also depend on how you organize things from the beginning. Initially, it was called Wave Planning or Wave Picking, but later on, it came to be known as organizing. 

Staffing- Assigning jobs to the staff is another activity in which you have to be very particular about the areas and functions. Making the duty roaster with weekly offs and leaves is a job that takes a profound analysis of the work and required manpower. Such a difficult task can be carried out without mistakes only when you have all the information with you. With the help of this application, you can create assign specific tasks to individuals without making things complicated. It compiles the data and makes staffing easy as a cake for you.

Directing- This is more specific to the throughput requirements and the adherence to various parameters for maintaining quality and efficiency. Maintaining the appropriate nature of work and service level also comes under the ambit of this task. Like the other activities mentioned above, this one also gets streamlined and performance is improved manifold. By making this perfect, you can also render unit picking and load picking more productive.

Controlling- By controlling the resources and their progress, you can increase the efficiency in the overall processing of the goods. It is equally essential to monitor the progress with performance analysis and that falls under this particular activity. Once you get this job perfectly done, you won’t face any other issues the warehouse management. You can also control the cost of operations and integrate the software with more value-added services. 

Other benefits of using a Warehouse Management System:-

Better handling of Stock Keeping Units (SKU)

Easy tracking of automatic ID labels (bar codes)

Flawless inventory management

Allowing a broad variety of storage devices

Safekeeping of high-value material

Management off dock doors and individual number

Increase in labor productivity

Integration of ERP and other systems

Using the warehouse management system, one can easily document, inspect and handle multiple processes at the same time. It helps you in carrying out tasks and gives you much more than what you expect without adding more cost to the overall operations. It also makes the inspection easier with functions that are designed to check every stage of inventory movement. With its centralized mechanism, you get to control each and every task to the fullest. 

It also comes in different modules that make the execution of orders easier and more conducive. Moreover, it gets blended with different technologies and makes automation quite feasible for a great range of goods. Things like automatic storage and communication gets way better than before as the connectivity among different control systems gets more optimized. All in all, with a perfect WMS, you can get the desired result for your warehouse operations.


Smartlife provides you the most efficient WMS applications that could work with different platforms. They can help you handle large-scale as well as small-scale operations with equal efficacy. We develop our programs as bespoke solutions that work as per your demands, you can have distinct features that function as per the nature of your business. With our software programs, you can achieve success very easily in this domain and set a benchmark for good.