Programming and developing e-stores

Your online store, your new portal for the business world. Connect and sell your products and services to your customers, wherever they are. Contact us now and build your online store at the lowest costs.

Programming and developing e-stores

What makes us unique!

Warehouses Our stores automatically include a system for stores and warehouses, which allows you to manage the two most important processes in e-commerce, namely warehouse management and inventory management at the same time so that the system gives you instant alerts about the level of availability of products and items you have and provides you with immediate reports on the stock movement of items and products most requested by your customers and link between points of sale as stores in the market or the e-store with the possibility of transfer between one store and another and amend the number of quantities

What makes us unique!
What makes us unique!

What makes us unique!

Accounts The store is characterized by a consistent accounting system in accordance with programming and building your online store that performs all the financial operations, comparing, monitoring and showing them later in the form of quantitative and analytical reports. Among these operations: Follow-up of the processes of buying, selling and exchange and recording them automatically Provides a trial balance Calculating the value-added tax - Automatic daily bonds associated with sales and purchases Annual review balance Annual income statement Annual financial position list - Financial closure for the fiscal year and review previous years - A tax declaration consistent with the requirements of the Zakat and Income Authority - Linking currency rates, and issuing a record of all transactions that took place during a period.

What do we offer?

Smart Life Technical Consulting and Business Solutions builds your online store as a professional platform for sales and purchases with an unlimited number of products and an unlimited number of orders and an unlimited number of customers and an accounting system that supports value-added tax and detailed reports on sales, products, purchases, stores and financial through attractive and modern technical designs It suits your special taste with the ease of managing your online store and following up all operations from anywhere and at any time. It also book the domain and hosting, analyze and program the required system, and carry out the technical design of the store and technical support throughout the year.

What do we offer?


E-commerce is simply selling, buying, displaying, sharing, publishing, advertising, producing, distributing and promoting anything from ideas and services to selling a giant product like factories, machines, land and real estate, all this online. Are you ready to build your online store, and start investing in future tools? Do you expect that the price of setting up your online store is very expensive? Do you want to build your online store with the lowest costs and great quality? Do you want a store that displays your products in simple, detailed ways? Order now ..

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Store and electronic sales channels
50000 $ 45000 $ 40000 $ 35000 $ 30000 $
A distinctive special design that reflects the identity of the store .
Offer control
ربط المتجر بإحصائية Google Analytics
Unlimited products addition
Unlimited varieties
Two languages ​​for the store with the possibility to increase in the future
Management control panel
Inventory for quantities and orders
Sales statistics
Statistics for the total number of clients
Discount control
The ability to export products to an Excel file
The ability to evaluate the product for customers
Enable product search
The ability to search for the brand
Add barcode search feature
Create a wish list
The ability to share the wish list
List of similar purchase offers to customers
Availability of different payment methods for customers
Wholesale and retail
Connection with social media
Direct link to the customer on WhatsApp
Enrichment with sales reports, stores, products
Graphics and tables to facilitate viewing and follow-up
Multicolored inspiring design with varying colors
Multi-currency and multi-lingual service to serve a wider segment of customers
Multiple banners on the home page and control
Banner for each of the sections on the main page
Control to show and hide sections on the home page
There are more than one level for each of the existing categories
Network view and product list
A filter on the sections page to filter products
Add a search inside the filter for a specific section
Add options to the filter to make a filter
Filter by sections, brands and options
The first product price option appears
When the option changes, the price changes with the name and product image
Include tax in product offer
Appearance of product number and its special code
The ability to search by code
Cloud technical support service for one year.
E-store cyber ​​security service for one year
Added ERP system for accounting and warehouse.
Mobile application on Android and İOS platforms.
Integration with third party business and services
Shipping companies integration
Electronic payment companies integration
Text messaging service integration
Open hosting for a year
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