A dynamic, easy and flexible system for human resources, suitable for various labor markets, and provides many basic services to automate human resources tasks, such as salaries, attendance, departure, appointment, workflow management, communication, administrative circulars, and many other statistical and optional reports.

SMART HR employee management system

Everything related to human resources management services through which employees can submit requests, follow up on their rights, and review the company’s systems and laws.


The SMART HR system is designed as a smart and comprehensive program that enables you to manage all your facility’s operations with ease and ease. We have built a dynamic system for human resources management. This system provides many necessary services, including vacation management of all kinds, self-services that cover all employee requirements, and building workflow. workflow, as the system provides a special platform for building and modifying workflow dynamically, allowing the user great flexibility in managing and directing requests automatically, managing salaries, etc. The system allows work in both Arabic and English, as well as displaying a large number of reports to management or users.


Organizational Chart

1- The system supports the establishment of an unlimited number of administrative levels in the organizational structure, which makes the system capable of serving the largest government agencies and institutions, whether private or private, no matter how complex or numerous their administrative levels are.

2- Automated organizational structure: The system is characterized by the ability to create and draw an electronic diagram of the organizational structure of the concerned entity and all its details and levels automatically according to administrative subordination.

The system provides the ability to create/amend the name/cancel any of the administrative units in the organizational structure as desired by the user.

3- The user can access any administrative unit in the organizational structure by tracking the levels of the electronic chart created by the system, in addition to the possibility of reviewing all the data of employees affiliated with this administrative unit with ease and convenience.

Functional structure

1- The system provides the possibility of describing jobs according to the job arrangement schedule approved by the concerned authority.

2- The system provides the possibility of creating and canceling jobs with great flexibility in determining the financial grade of the created job, in addition to inquiring about vacant positions.

3- The system provides the ability to view the distribution of staff according to their salaries in a distinct way that shows the number of employees who are on the job at the level of each salary in one financial grade and for all job grades approved in the financial grade scale, as well as the same applies to fixed salaries and worker categories with the possibility of updating. Automated upon any modification to the employee’s salary.

SMART HR employee management system

Features of the SMART HR personnel system

We aim to provide the best user experience and meet your business requirements in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

HR automation

Accelerate human resources tasks from managing employees and various requests, measuring performance, managing projects and tasks with an unlimited number of circulars and questionnaires.

Free mobile app

A special application for the SMART HR system for mobile, with downloading employee files, tracking performance, attendance, departure, salaries, and many requests, circulars, and communication within one application.

Real-time smart reports

Instant and optional detailed statistical and financial reports with the smart report designer to help decision makers and save them time and effort.

Constant and continuous updates

Continuous updates to the system to keep pace with market changes and provide customers with multiple features to help them save time and effort.

Financial system

Tracking cash flows, exchange and receipt orders, and covenants, reviewing financial system statistics and financial items, and preparing financial years alike.

Technical support 24/7

A specialized team to support customers 24 hours a day with a quick response to their inquiries and effective communication with them to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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