A cloud-based accounting and management program that helps you manage all departments in your restaurant: sales, purchases, inventory, branches, tables, points of sale, orders, and others, with the ability to obtain multiple smart reports in real time, with the My Restaurant application to connect your restaurant with your customers.

SMART R&C restaurant and cafe management system

SMART R&C is an integrated system capable of meeting the needs of all restaurants and cafes of all sizes and diversity. The system is also easy to use without the need for experience in accounting or business management.


Restaurant system jobs

1- Review the layout of lounge tables and add table data to determine its status.

2- Open an invoice, add direct orders for a table or a travel customer, pay the invoice in cash, on credit, or the offered discount, close the customer’s invoice, and print the invoice.

3- Booking orders for the items requested by the customer, including their quantities, date and time of delivery, location, method of payment, and issuing an order invoice.

4- Adding delivery requests for the customer according to the details of the address, driver, and payment method.

5- Posting the restaurant system operations to the accounting system as daily entries and controlling the quantities of products from the warehouses and invoices, according to the preparation of the posting processes for the accounting system.

Types of sales operations in the restaurant system

Direct sales:
The cashier issues an invoice for the local customer’s orders, specifying his table or the traveling customer, receiving the invoice value directly from the customer, then printing the invoice.

Book a
billing request for the customer’s data, required items, arrival time, service requirements, and method of paying his bill.

Delivery requests:
Open an invoice for the details of the customer requesting the delivery and his address details, add the food items he ordered, add the details of the driver responsible for the delivery process, save the invoice with the options necessary to execute and pay the order, then print it.

Benefits of the restaurant system

1- Meet all of the restaurant’s current and expected administrative and financial requirements.

2- Ease of using the restaurant system in more than one local or foreign branch and for a number of users via network connection options.

3- Reviewing comprehensive and detailed reports in a statistical or graphical form, such as displaying sales by cashier, item, payment method, time, etc.

SMART R&C restaurant and cafe management system

Features of the SMART R&C restaurant and cafe management system

We aim to provide the best user experience and meet your business requirements in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

Accounting, financial and administrative system

Integrated accounting processes between the kitchen, the cashier, and the personnel management system for all administrative procedures in the restaurant, in addition to inventory management, sales, and purchases.

Professional cashier interface

Easy and flexible interfaces that work online and offline with multiple themes and styles and a point-of-sale application specific to each operating system.

Real-time smart reports

Multiple reports for waiters, drivers, departments and tables, as well as instant and optional statistical and financial reports with unlimited cloud storage.

Manage departments and tables

Meet all restaurant needs with an unlimited number of sections and tables, and link and follow up on reservations from one screen.

Digital menu

A smart digital menu with multiple templates and designs, recording all restaurant information, and freedom to design the QR, with the ability to modify at any time.

Ordering and delivery application

My Restaurant mobile application for the restaurant system carries your restaurant’s identity, supports IOS and Android systems, with the ability to follow up on order delivery and determine working times and delivery areas for each branch.

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